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Bishop Leahy wishes students well on leaving cert exams

Bishop Leahy wishes students well on leaving cert exams but says these few weeks alone will not define them

Wednesday 7 June 2023:  Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy has urged the people of Limerick to have leaving cert students in their thoughts and prayers as they commence their exams today.

Commenting this morning, Bishop Leahy said it is undoubtedly an important day for students but it’s essential, too, that the exams are put into perspective as they do not define people’s lives.

Calling for prayers to be said across the entire diocese for students sitting their exams, he said: “First and foremost, I wish the students well; that they manage to get the best out of themselves as they sit their exams no matter what level they achieve.

“These exams are, of course, academically important at this stage of their lives but there’s no one I know who would look back thirty years or so later and say that their life course was set just by their leaving  cert weeks. So there does need to be a level of perspective put here, that if they don’t work out as the students hope, other doors can open.

“Ultimately, I think students should pat themselves on the back today for getting to this moment, for putting the work in. For some there might be setbacks but it’s important to remember there are many career routes today and definitely more jobs than there were for previous generations, so it does not all depend on these exams.”

Bishop Leahy also had words for both parents and teachers.  “I think it’s also a huge day for parents and, indeed, other relations and guardians as they all have such hopes for these young adults, that they will do well and I know the support that they can and will be throughout these exams. So, I wish them the very best on this day also.

“Teachers, school principals and all school staff, too, deserve so much praise. Students simply could not have got to today without them. I am so struck over the years by the life-long bond that develops between teachers and students and the fondness that students have for their teachers years and years after they have finished school. That doesn’t happen by accident and teachers don’t just help students with their educational development but also their personal development so they, too, are to be congratulated.

“And that’s what today really is, a day of congratulations to the students, parents, teachers, guardians. Anyone who has helped the student along the way.”