History & Heritage

History & Heritage
of the Limerick Diocese

Brief History of the Diocese of Limerick

Though the shadowy figure of the seventh century St. Munchin is its patron, the Diocese of Limerick actually dates from the twelfth century when its boundaries were laid down at the Synod of Rathbreasail. 

Diocesan Archives

Learn more about Limerick Diocesan Archives and what records are available.

Bishops of Limerick

View a brief history of the former Bishops of the Limerick.

Diocesan Heritage Project

The Diocese of Limerick Heritage Project aims to present a brief history of each parish in the Diocese.

World Meeting of Families

The World Meeting of Families 2018 was the ninth World Meeting of Families and took place in Dublin between 21 and 26 August 2018. 

Synod 2021

Over 100 proposals to create a more unified, inclusive and accessible Church in the Diocese of Limerick were voted on at a three-day Synod in Limerick in April 2016.