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Brendan Leahy – A Subversive Act? The 2023 Synodal Assembly

To attend a Synod is a great privilege, even if intense. So it is with
great gratitude to God that I attended the October 2023 Synodal
Assembly in Rome, part one of a two-part Synod that will only
conclude next October with final outcomes

Future of Church and Limerick Diocese Overview

Future of Church and Limerick Diocese Overview

We must prepare for a future different to our past, says Bishop Leahy 

Overview sets out great work of today and the great opportunities and challenges of tomorrow

Its publication follows Rome Synod, attended by Bishop Leahy, which is charting future of Church globally  

Diocesan Overview will reveal:

  • 2,500 volunteers
  • 150,000 baptised Catholics
  • 60 parishes
  • 365 marriages and 4,300 children celebrated either Communion or Confirmation in 2022

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, Church Reform And Tradition: A Glance At Some Aspects Of Pope Benedict's Writings.

It is reported that the last words of the dying Pope Emeritus Benedict were: “Lord, I love you”. Whether this is true or not, the short prayer is certainly in tune with the focus of his theological work as a theologian and bishop, cardinal and Pope – to elaborate on the primacy of the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. His writings, sometimes described as a symphony, return repeatedly to the theme of the gift God has made in giving himself to us in Jesus Christ through the Spirit of truth, freedom and love. In this brief article, written shortly after his death, I want to highlight just a few points that struck me from the theological and magisterial writings of Ratzinger/Benedict. I do so gratefully calling to mind his gracious demeanour, clarity of thought and humour that I experienced during annual seminar days with him in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Making The Risen Jesus Visible: The Church Of Kenosis

When we are facing difficulties in life, be they financial, health, or relationship- related, it is a wise counsel to try and name the issues. Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment go together. Pope Francis often helps us name what the Church is living through at this time. For instance, speaking to the Roman Curia in December 2019, his straight talking certainly hit home: “Brothers and sisters, Christendom no longer exists! Today we are no longer the only ones who create culture, nor are we in the forefront or those most listened to. We need a change in our pastoral mindset …”.

Ten Covid-19 'Outcomes' For The Church

TS Eliot’s line about having the experience but missing the meaning is a spur to us to not let the Covid-19 experience pass us by in vain. What is it saying to us? In what direction is it pointing us? Can we name what we’ll take away with us from this time?Each of us will answer that at different levels. A picture-cartoon sent to me recently reminded me of this. It showed a dog with some mud half-way up his feet but another dog alongside him up to his neck in mud and the line said: “How deep is the mud? All depends on who you ask. We all go through the same stuff differently”.

Believe In Love

`Pope John Paul II was a man who let himself be shaped by the two great commandments: love of God with all your heart, soul and mind, and love of your neighbour as yourself ... So many wonderful things happened around him through his life, ministry and teaching: Believe in Love paints the rich landscape of John Paul IIs formative influences, his theological and philosophical foundations and his personal thoughts.

The Human Voyage Of Self-Discovery

Irish philosopher and priest Dr Brendan Purcell has spent years endeavouring to unravel what makes us human, investigating the mystery of human origins and exploring the drama of human existence. In this work written in his honour, the contributors offer their own valuable insights into the human voyage of self-discovery.

Treasures Of Irish Christianity Vol 1

This volume takes its cue from the theme of the International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Dublin in June 2012, ‘Communion with Christ and with one another’. In almost eighty short articles, a host of leading scholars from the worlds of history, liturgy, theology, philosophy, art history and Celtic Studies reflect upon aspects of the history of the Christian tradition in Ireland from the fifth to the twenty-first century, with a special emphasis on the relationship between the Irish people and the Eucharist.

Treasures Of Irish Christianity Vol 2

Treasures of Irish Christianity was published to great acclaim in the summer of 2012. This second volume offers readers further scholarly yet readily-accessible short articles on a vast array of treasures from the Irish Christian tradition, with a focus on the Irish and their relationship with the Word.

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